Clara Bow

Clara Gordon Bow, born on July 29, 1905, and passing away on September 27, 1965, was an American actress who achieved stardom during the silent film era of the 1920s and successfully transitioned to “talkies” in 1929. Renowned for her role as a spirited shopgirl in the film “It,” she earned global fame and the moniker “The It Girl,” personifying the Roaring Twenties and emerging as its leading sex symbol.

Throughout her career, Bow appeared in a total of 46 silent films and 11 talkies, showcasing her talent in hits such as “Mantrap” (1926), “It” (1927), and “Wings” (1927). In 1928 and 1929, she was named the first box-office draw, and in 1927 and 1930, she secured the second spot, with her presence in a motion picture considered a guarantee of a “safe return” for investors.

At the peak of her stardom, Bow received an astonishing 45,000 fan letters in a single month, underlining her widespread popularity in January 1929. After marrying actor Rex Bell in 1931, Bow made the decision to retire from acting and embarked on a new chapter as a rancher in Nevada. Her final film, “Hoop-La,” was released in 1933.

In September 1965, Clara Bow passed away at the age of 60, succumbing to a heart attack. Her contributions to the film industry and her cultural impact during the dynamic era of the Roaring Twenties continue to be remembered and celebrated.

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